【For lease】Otaru great location street store tenant


【For lease】Otaru great location street store tenant

One of the most popular place in Hokkaido, Why Otaru is so attractive?

Otaru City is a coastal city in Hokkaido located northwest of Sapporo City and facing Ishikari Bay.


Otaru City, Hokkaido, which flourished with ports, railways, and herring, still retains the glory of that time, and is one of the cities that is easy to live in, with three beats: ‘culture, nature, and food.’


Also, in terms of attractiveness rankings by municipality , Otaru is consistently among the top 10 cities in Japan.

Same as Hakodate, Sapporo, and Furano .

Even within Hokkaido, where competition is fierce, it is always on the list of travel destinations.

Tenant Property Information in Ironai, Otaru City

The tenant property in Ironai, Otaru, which we will introduce this time, is located near Sushiya-dori, a two-minute walk from the entrance of the tourist area of Sakaimachi Hondori.

There are restaurants, Lawson, and souvenir shops in the area.


Otaru City has 1.18 million day visitors (FY2021), which is more than the number of overnight visitors, making it one of the leading tourist destinations in Hokkaido, which can be accessed in about 30 minutes from Sapporo City.

Before Covid-19 pandemic , About 8 million tourists visited each year.

Such a well-located street store in Otaru has an area of 139.45sqm.

You can sell goods at souvenir shops, drug stores, etc., and restaurants are also OK!

Would you like to start a store management or tourism business in Otaru, one of Japan’s leading tourist cities?

Please feel free to contact us for details.